Thursday, 19 January 2017

Manchester Caravan Show

Attended the above show today and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Nothing to report on the Cadiz front.

Took a look at the new Bailey Pursuits and the Unicorn Pamplona and Cabrera, both the latter with the centre washroom which appears to be fashionable at the minute.

I think Bailey have missed a trick here as the rear double bed is only 5' 10" long in both the new Unicorns so would be no good for me and probably a lot of potential buyers.

I was very disappointed to observe that all four were continuing with the ridiculous prone to leaking roof join

I am afraid it doesn't bode well,in my opinion,for the Unicorn Four.

If I was considering upgrading to a U4 when it appears I certainly wouldn't do it whilst this join persists in its present form.



  1. I havent (yet) had a problem with a leak; but accepting that Bailey cannot produce 1 piece roofs, you would think they would produce a man-enough seal to overcome this issue.It wouldnt be rocket science to make one,even if it was 2 seals in 1,i.e 1 seal ontop of another.The other way out would be to contract-out the production of the roof section alone.This weakness would make me think twice about another Bailey.

  2. Bill,
    I quite agree with your sentiments,as I said in my blog there is no way we will be upgrading to a U4, should we wish to,whilst that "seal" remains.
    I don't think Bailey will do anything about it until it affects their bottom line.I have read that warranty repairs are built into the price of every van so why should they worry.
    It is unfortunate as I quite like Baileys,the layout of the van suits us and we have had few other problems plus their Parts Direct is very good.
    I am surprised that no third party has come up with a solution to rectify it,at a price of course.
    There seem on the face of it to be many answers;overlap the join by a good margin;bond the two roof pieces together and then cover it;apply a much wider cap;leave the seal as it is and cover that with another,wider,cap,and as you suggest a one piece roof made by a third party.

    Sadly there seems to be a great reluctance on the part of Bailey to do anything at all and I suppose while people continue to buy their vans this stance will continue.