Monday, 6 February 2017

Bailey Roof Join

A few days ago I e-mailed Simon Howard,one of the heads of Bailey,to express my concern regarding the leak prone roof joint.

Today I received a reply from Michelle Fleet,Senior Customer Service Manager:-

Hello Ian,

Thank you for your e-mail and sorry to learn of the issue you have experienced with your Unicorn III Cadiz caravan.  I have been asked by Simon to respond upon his behalf.
You are correct in that we have received a number of reports of the problem you have described in recently built caravans. We have subsequently reviewed both the processes and materials used for the construction of this body shell joint and are confident that the modified assembly provides a robust union of these two panels.
Please bear in mind however that this method of assembly was first used when the Unicorn III range was first introduced in September 2014 and has subsequently been rolled out to all other new caravan and motorhome ranges. In total, we have built in excess of 16,500 Bailey leisure vehicles using this method. 
That said we are always looking at ways to improve the performance of our products and the overall integrity of the body shell is one of the areas which is currently under investigation. I cannot confirm at this stage if and when any changes will be made but we will want to ensure that they are thoroughly evaluated before bringing new product to market.

Best regards

Michelle Fleet
Senior Customer Service Manager


  1. It was good of him to follow-up your letter.The company have to fix this issue or otherwise the process of Alu-tech will count for nothing.Its also interesting to know the volume of caravans that they have made with this bond.

  2. Bill,
    Yes all delightfully vague but then again I suppose it would be,confidential I imagine.
    Yes it does need sorting out as it ruins what is,in my opinion,a good range of fairly fault free caravans.

    Let us see waht Unicorn 4 brings.