Monday, 2 January 2017

Midwinter Maintenance

For those of us who aren't using our vans over the winter months,don't forget to do a bit of winter maintenance/checking especially if,like us,your Cadiz is in storage.

It is all too easy to forget about it if it is not plonked on your drive.

Today I called over to storage and firstly let a bit of air into the van hopefully to keep any damp at bay and also gave the solar panel a wipe to remove any dirt.

Then I moved the van a couple of feet to even out the pressure on the tyres and hopefully avoid a flat spot,also checked the pressures.

Swapped the battery for a fresh fully charged one ( yes I know this isn't strictly necessary because of the solar panel,as someone pointed out last time I mentioned it but we have two batteries left over from our Orion days so I swap them over a couple of times a year ).

Don't forget to remove the solar panel fuse prior to doing it.

Put some Contralube on the mains hook-up pins and finally hooked it up to the car to check the electrics and ATC.

I would rather check it now rather than wait till we come to use it and have little time to sort out any problems,anyway all OK.

Roll on spring and some decent weather.


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