Sunday, 4 September 2016

Beechwood Grange

Well family problems seem to have subsided slightly so we have had five nights at CC Beechwood Grange on the outskirts of York,three nights with grandkids and two nights without.

We have stayed at Beechwood many times before so I won't retread old views apart from saying it is worth a visit if in the vicinity,the wardens work really hard to present a well turned out site.

As for the Cadiz,well nothing to report I am glad to say even with two kids giving it some hammer,everything worked as it should.

There are still reports on Caravan Talk of Baileys leaking through the roof join,they really should have got a handle on this by now.

On the awning front I was pondering swapping awnings from our Isabella Magnum to an Isabella Magnum 250 Coal which is 30cm deeper than our standard Magnum which would give us a little bit more room.

Had a look at a couples on site and they seemed well pleased,SWMBO said we shouldn't spend the money but what do SWMBO's know ?

Will have look at the NEC show on October as there might be a bit of discount.


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