Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Bailey : The Pride of Bristol

Below is a photo of the sealant at the end of the roof join on a Bailey U3 Cartegena,this is how it was delivered from the factory.

I think it defies comment.



  1. Very shoddy. Bailey arent doing themselves any favours.I have looked at my roof seal and its pretty tidy; although I have added a bead of sealant just as a back-up.You would think they would seriously pay attention to a known defect on the roof!

  2. Yes it is pretty grim Bill,I don't know how anyone could sign off a job like that.


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  4. Kevin,

    Welcome to the blog.

    The long interior strip ends,I think ( our van is in storage so can’t double check ) at the overhead locker.

    I have never put my hand between the locker and the roof so can’t comment on your findings.

    However if you open the end locker(s) there is a continuation of the roof join with a separate plastic cover over it ( separate from the main long one that is ).

    If you put your fingernail between this cover and the roof it flicks off quite easily and you can see the roof join and the clamp(s) that hold it together and where any leakage may be visible.

    The usual leaking point from what I read is on the offside although other places have been mentioned.

    In my opinion it is a barmy arrangement that is always destined to leak at some time.


    1. Hi Ian thank you very much for the reply i will check what you mentioned,seems a silly design having a join on a roof,van going to dealer to be checked under bailey warranty. KEVIN

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