Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Battery Swap / Solar Panel

Swapped the van battery over today as I have two,one in the van and one at home on charge.

For any new readers I thought I would repeat some advice given a while ago.

When replacing/reconnecting the battery don't forget to remove the fuse from the solar panel ( Truma say to cover the panel but removing the fuse is easier ) replacing the fuse afterwards of course.

The solar panel fuse can be found under the near side rear bed in a bundle of wires adjacent to the fridge and is blue in colour.

If you don't remove the fuse or cover the panel it can damage the controller which is an expensive mistake.



  1. Curious as to why you use two batteries, as in almost two years with our new Cadiz, the solar panel has kept the battery fully charged all the time.

  2. Bob,
    Welcome to the blog.
    The two batteries scenario is a remnant of when we had an Orion which didn't have a solar panel so I used to swap the batteries evey 6-8 weeks or so.With the Cadiz I do it just once perhaps twice a year mainly to put the non-use battery on a mains charge now and again.As you say probably no need but it doesnt take above two minutes and it doesn't hurt.


  3. Understood......thanks.
    Off in it for a couple of nights tomorrow.