Sunday, 19 June 2016

A Couple of Tips

In a previous posting I mentioned a problem with water from the sink coming up in the shower when the sink was emptied when on a serviced pitch.

David Mantell suggested a remedy which I tried out in Poolsbrook and it worked well.

Here it is :-

Firstly make a wooden ring about 2" in diameter with a hole on the middle of about 1 1/4" diameter.

Mine was made by my neighbour Mr.Duncan Roscoe who had the necessary drill,thanks Duncan.

Place the plug in the plug hole and put the wooden ring around the plug ( the hole in the middle accommodates the raised bit of the plug ).

Finally place a weight of some sort on the wooden ring to keep the plug in the plug hole.

I had an old one shot nut which fitted it admirably.

When it is all in position,plug,wooden ring and weight any sink water will no longer come up in the shower.

Thanks to all concerned.


Another tip I discovered concerned the Alde panel.

If you scroll down to "Service" it tells you how many Amps you are using at any given time.

A word of caution though,this may only work if you have the Alde Load Monitor fitted as we have,you will have to look to see if it applies in all cases.

I was quite surprised that our Avtex TV only took about 0.2 Amps, while the Alde heating on 2KW took about 10.3 Amps.


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