Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Fridge Door Catch.

Those of you who regularly read this outpouring of caravan emotion may remember I had a problem with the device on the fridge door which keeps it ajar for ventilation,it broke in other words.

Bailey/Dometic eventually sent me a replacement.

This was the original :

And this is the replacement ( taken in a Cadiz at caravan show ):-

The "problem" is that the new plastic bit doesn't fit the old metal holder so that needs changing as well.

Not dificult,fiddly though,but when I had done it I couldn't get the door latch to "latch" no matter how I fiddled around.I think perhaps it needs a different latch bit on the door perhaps which I had been sent as well but I am not getting into that as I couldn't see any visible screws or anything.

Eventually I gave up and returned the old metal holder minus plastic bit.

Actually we have a better way of keeping the fridge door open devised by SWMBO and that is to simply pull the bottom salad tray right out to its stops which stops the door closing,simples.

Whilst there I also gave the fridge and the Alde a short run on gas and all seems OK.

Memo to self,before running Alde on gas remember to remove plastic bag covering the flue outlet thus avoiding a large "bang" as it blew off.


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