Friday, 29 January 2016

Alternative TV Attachment Device

David Mantell,one of my correspondents,had difficulty fixing the "click on/off " quick release TV bracket that we use as his attachment point on the TV is offset.

He has therefore manufactured a home made attachment the details of which are below:-

TV Attachment to Sliding Bracket – ‘difficult TV’s’

Problem:     My 22” TV has VESA mounting holes at 75mm apart but they are not in

                     the centre of the set – they are offset about 2” towards the top of the set.

                     This prevents me using the bracket supplied as the TV hangs down too 
                     low and will not slide into the storage space.

A Solution:  Make up an aluminium bracket which compensates for the offset – see

                     rough drawing attached.  The existing sliding mounting bracket is 

                     removed and this new bracket used in place. TV is now central  
                     vertically  and slides into storage area.


All parts can be obtained from ebay (although I already had some aluminium and all the screws – just had to buy the plastic star headed nuts)

Holes A – 2 off – 4mm diameter (for two raised head screws)

Holes B – 2 off – 4mm diameter countersunk on this side

Holes C – 2 off – 6mm diameter countersunk on reverse side

Two 6mm x 12mm long countersunk screws ‘Araldited’ into plate to prevent rotation and to keep captive.


Plate is screwed to TV using holes A & B, plate is attached to caravan arm using two plastic ‘star head nuts’ (after removing sliding plate supplied on arm).


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