Thursday, 21 January 2016

Fitted Sheets,What a Performance.

I wanted a pair of fitted sheets made up for both the rear fixed beds which was not the relatively straightforward process I thought it was going to be.

The manufacturer didn't have a template for the mattress size of the Cadiz 3,only the Valencia so I had to measure the mattress.

Now I innocently thought measuring a mattress was a simple job,not so.

What with being a bit squishy and with rounded corners,not to mention that the off-side bunk has a small cut-off at the top,getting an accurate measurement was not to be.

It was suggested that I ask Bailey for a template of the rear mattress dimensions ( why the makers couldn't do this for me I don't know;whatever happened to service ),anyway I now have the template and have e-mailed an order so hopefully all will be well.

If anyone wants a copy of this precious template to have some sheets made up,or wants to do it themselves from the measurements ( I dare not allude to the fact that this task may fall more readily to my female correspondents for fear of having the PC police at my door ) then if you drop me your e-mail address one will be speedily sent.


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  1. Great blog Ian still reading through just bought a Cadiz and would be most grateful for the mattress templates

    Many thanks
    Col (N Yorks)