Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Bailey originally told me that the Cadiz would roll off the production line on the 27th.April,having told the dealer it was the week before.

Now it is the end of next week,this is getting ridiculous,Bailey are taking the piss.

Have told the dealer that I am NOT happy,but to be honest they are caught in the middle.

When it does eventually arrive it better be perfect.



  1. Can only assume business must be very good for Bailey not to be able to run a reliable production build plan! Malcolm

  2. Malcolm,
    It is not just the wait it is the arrogance of Bailey in keep pushing back construction/delivery dates without a word or letter of apology,we are on the third build date as I type,our dealer is equally frustrated.We have now migrated from February to late May and I have no confidence that this date will be met.I have asked for a price reduction as they start building 2016 vans in July so in caravanning terms it will be nearly a year old when we eventually get it.
    This will be our second Bailey,there will not be a third.


  3. I've only bought one new van and that was a swift and build and delivery date was 'cast in stone' and supplier ensured it happend! It's sad it's soured your view of Bailey as I love the vans they produce! Malcolm