Friday, 27 March 2015

The Wait Goes On....................

Got a letter from the dealers today to inform us that the Cadiz will not be at the dealers until 11th.May.

Will I suppose be another week or so to fit the mover we won't get it till about 16th-17th May or so.

Seems a long way from the February date we were originally given,then March,then April and to say we orderd it on the 15th.October,that's seven months.

Nothing to be done about it but SWMBO is NOT happy to say the least.



  1. Sorry to hear you have to wait so long.
    Just a quick heads-up.After picking mine up last week I went over it with a fine tooth comb ; using all the reports from Caravan talk. The only faults I have found are the awning rail being blocked with sealant ; this is only where the sections are joined. I took a wheel skirt awning section with me and passed it through the rail.The dealer put right the problem.
    And secondly the shower wasn't completely sealed. The only piece they missed was the vertical corner section where the Alutech runs.I sealed it myself, for piece of mind.
    The solar panel needs to be set for the type of battery; in my case number 3 ; the manual is good for this.
    And finally the Alde pump was set to 5 and I reset to 2.
    The faults are all common and easily put right.
    I also checked the sealing on the roof and all seems well. The acid test will be in 6 months time; but all is well and much better finished than the Orion. I hope your van comes earlier than you expect; and I can imagine the earache.

    1. Bill, going from the Orion to the Unicorn is a massive leap in specification, we looked at all the Bailey range 3 years ago and were impressed by all spec' levels but you just cannot beat the Unicorn for top-of-the-range comforts and solid build quality. Malcolm