Saturday, 14 March 2015

Tow Ball Rust.

On our Passat Alltrack we have the VW factory fitted retractable towball.

I have noticed that the ball ( with paint removed obviously ) tends to get very rusty in parts when stored,even with an Al-KO rubber towball cover fitted.

I have cleaned the ball up but the marks left by the rust are still just visible but the ball is now OK to use.

Have placed a small polythene bag over the ball secured with the Al-KO towball cover to see if it prevents rust.

My point is that before the first trips of the season it may pay just to have a look at the tow ball if you have this one fitted as it took a little while to clean up which is not what you want to be doing when your nearest and dearest ( or the wife ) is eager to be on their way.



  1. Ian
    Try clingfilm wrapped tightly around a dry clean tow ball.
    In the winter months smear a thin coat of grease and clean-off with degreaser such (as One chem) or brake cleaner, until dry.

  2. Bill,
    Tried the cling film first but it didn't really work,yes think I will try the grease option next winter.

  3. With Alco hitch lock I'd have though bit of rust to be a bonus as it hates a clean shiny tow ball. When I picked a new van up many years ago we had to present the tow ball for inspection before they'd let us hitch up! I'd been pre-warned so scuffed up the ball with some emery cloth. The breaking pads in the hitch lock can glaze so rough tow ball helps stop this. Malcolm