Friday, 13 October 2017

New Pegasus GT70 Rimini

Bailey has just brought out a new Pegasus range,the GT70,which will present at the NEC show next week

I have just been looking at the Rimini,which is the single fixed bed version,and it seems to me that it is very similar to the Unicorn 3 Cadiz,which is no bad thing.

Naturally I am only going from the Bailey puffery and not seen it in the flesh but at least the silly bathroom sink isn't there,three cheers for that,also has a window in the bathroom

No Alde heating though but Al-KO ATC is there as standard.

Have a butchers and see what you think:-

Pegasus GT70 Rimini.



  1. So similar to the cadiz 3 minus alde. The beds are longer and wider than the old Rimini which for me was a close runner against what we all bought.I will be interested to see what it looks like.Alde is very good but in all honesty not worth the difference in price to me.The finish is more important.I wonder what the upgrade on the chassis will take it up to? I think I am showing interest!

  2. Bill,

    I must admit I like the Alde,had blown air in the Orion but the Alde is something else in my opinion.

    Go on splash the cash,you know you want to.


  3. I will have to see the rimini but more importantly, my wife would have to want to change.In all reality unless the rimini is exceptional we will stay where we are,too much hassle.