Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The Minor Alde Problem

When we were at Durham Grange I noticed a water drip from under the offside front side of the van.

On closer inspection I discovered that this was coming from a clear plastic tube attached to the Alde 3020 boiler.

It wasn't running like a river but just a steady drip,now most people would perhaps have ignored it but me being me it had to be attended to.

After a promptly answered e-mail to Alde,it turns out that this is a common problem caused by dirt or limescale blocking the red valve at the top right hand corner of the boiler as you stand in front of it in the van.

The remedy is to remove the valve,soak it in some descaler or white vinegar solution and reattach it hopefully solving the problem.


The valve is attached to the boiler by John Guest Speedlink fittings,if you don't know what these are,and I didn't,there is a video on You Tube explaining them  :-

John Guest Speedlink

The valve removes reasonably easily from the pipe but is a little bit more difficult from the boiler spigot.

Anyway I have it soaking in some descaler and will reattach it in the next few days and report back as to whether the dripping has stopped.


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