Monday, 14 November 2016

Berwick Sea View

Just returned from four nights at Berwick Sea View CC site in Northumberland.

We have visited this site previously which,as the name suggests,is right on the coast and if you pick your pitch carefully there are some excellent views.

It is within walking distance of Berwick,Spittal is a stones throw away with a beach and a small promenade with a cafe ( unfortunately the promenade seems to be a toilet for the local canine population ).

Spittal From Berwick Sea View CC Site

The journey up started a little iffily with snow showers but these vanished by the time we reached Durham.

No Cadiz problems to report though I wish I could get out of the habit of continuously nervously checking the rear cupboards for leaks from the roof join.

I said I would report on the adaptation to the Alde control panel as described in a previous posting.

Well the answer is rather inconclusive really,after the Alde warmed up I think the thermostat was more responsive than previously but this may have been me being hopeful,so sadly the jury is still out on that one but as the thermostat is now open to the air it should be an improvement.


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