Friday, 14 October 2016

NEC Show

Paid our yearly visit to the NEC Caravan and Motorhome show yesterday.

I must admit it seemed much quieter than it has been in earlier years,much better from our point of view with no fighting to get around.

Bailey had a full complement of vans on their stand and checking over the 2017 Cadiz it seems that there is no change from 2016 although it is to be hoped that one unseen change has been made and that is the elimination of the infamous roof leak but I shan't be holding my breath as there are reports on forums of it still occurring.

Had a look at the new single axle Unicorn Cabrera and twin axle Pamplona with the centre washroom and wasn't impressed.

The fixed double bed at the rear wouldn't suit a six footer like myself and gave the appearance of having been "shoehorned" in to place,no we much preferd the good old Cadiz.

Being a sucker for things Isabella and fresh from my Directors Chair win a visit to their stand was on the list of priorities.

Yes a replacement awning was ordered,a Magnum 250 Coal to replace or standard Magnum,there was a bit of show discount which was all to the good plus a free net front.

I will be putting the standard Magnum and Futur 220 Annex up for sale eventually so if anyone is interested keep an eye out.

Watched a talk by Steve Biggs of Isabella on some hints and tips on erecting an awning,he makes it look so easy but then again there is no wind and he isn't pegging into a rock solid hardstanding,that would wipe the grin of his face.

All in all an excellent day spoiled slightly by an horrendous traffic jam getting out as a road was closed for some reason.


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