Saturday, 15 October 2016

Chapel Lane

Just had three nights at Chapel Lane CC site,should have been four nights but came home a day early as the weather forecast was a bit grim and packing up in a downpour I can do without if it can be avoided.

A very pleasant site is Chapel Lane and surprisingly rural as it is so close to Birmingham.

As previously reported our main reason for being there was to attend the Caravan Show at the NEC which is fourteen miles away although we did catch the bus from the site entrance into Birmingham for the day on Friday ( £5 return if not in possession of a geriatric bus pass like SWMBO ).

Becketts Farm Shop can also be recommended for a good breakfast.

The Cadiz plodded on in it's what has become,fortunately, a reliable fashion.

When looking round at the show we didn't come across a van that we would rather have.

Welcome to the blog to the chap in the Cadiz pitched next door,sorry I have forgotten your name but all are welcome here if only for a moan.


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