Saturday, 2 July 2016

Beechwood Grange,The Cold War & Al-KO ATC.

Have returned from three nights at Beechwood Grange CC site to the north of York.

Been there many times before so won't dwell on it but whilst we were there we visited York Cold War Bunker ( English Heritage ).

York Cold War Bunker

This is really worth a visit,shown round by guided tour which lasts about an hour or so and it is a very thought provoking hour.

What is most deeply disturbing is that all this occured during most of our lifetimes.

Anyway the Cadiz behaved itself except that we had an Al-KO ATC problem when we came to hitch up to go home.

The ATC was as dead as a doornail,no light,no whirring sound,nothing.

SWMBO has very little patience when it comes to mechanical dysfunctions and I could sense temper starting to fray after about thirty seconds of inaction.

After looking at the instruction book I decided to check the van lights whilst having a think about it.

As soon as I fired up the car engine the ATC sparked into life.

Now the only thing I can think of to explain it is that the afternoon/evening before I had left the car ignition on for about five or six hours.

In fact I only realised it when the automatic lights came on as it was getting dark.

So presumably it had discharged the battery just enough to prevent the ATC from firing up,but the car started OK.

Checked it when we got back to storage and every thing seems fine now so I presume that was the problem.

I only mention it in case anyone is in a similar "low battery" scenario and is wondering why the ATC won't work.


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