Sunday, 17 July 2016

Barnard Castle

Had three nights at CC Barnard Castle,we have been once before and I must say that this site is a credit to the wardens.

It is spotlessly clean and tidy and the washblock facilities are second to none,there is even a drying room for those odd and rare days when it rains in the Northern Pennines.

Can recommend.

On the Cadiz front there is nothing to report,it behaved itself,one thing I did notice though is that the rubber (?) strips that run in the joins of the front and back panels are starting to look a bit scruffy and dirty.

I thought about replacing them but I suppose the replacements will just go the same way so I will devise a way to give them a good clean.

I need to be careful that I don't damage the Paintseal in the process.

Could do with a better system really.

Had a good chat with a chap called Steve from what sounded like Birmingham,another Cadiz owner from just along the row from our van,told him about the blog so welcome Steve.


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