Saturday, 27 February 2016

Roof Seal

Have been busy this week giving the Cadiz a wash and brush up for the new season.

Whilst up giving the roof and skylights the once over I cast my eyes over the plastic seal towards the rear of the roof which joins the two roof panels.

Now I have always thought that this join was Baileys Achilles heel both in the Unicorn and in our previous Orion.

It just looks like disaster waiting to happen although it has to be said that personally we have not had any problems with it both in the Orion or in the Unicorn but one or two on Caravan Talk have reported leaks.

This is one such:-
Unicorn Water In Top Cupboard

Anyway the sealant along the two edges of the plastic cover doesn't look brilliant so I am going to get my service man to have a look when he services it in May and apply some sealant if he considers it necessary.

So the purpose of this post is to suggest that an eye is kept on things regarding this join and perhaps reseal when a service is due.



  1. I also cleaned mine this week,first sunny weather for some time.I also looked at the seal and still wonder why the roof wasnt constructed from a complete section; but it wasnt.Mine looked ok but I take your advice in getting it perhaps reinforced by the dealer.On my Orion after all the publicity about leaks, I did add more myself;and luckily never had an issue with the dreaded damp.I do site my van in storage with a list to one side and with the front slightly down.I havent a clue if this helps , but it makes me feel better! I am off for a few weeks with the van next week, and having an early service on the way.I will see what my service guy makes of my paranoia.

  2. Bill,
    If you read through the link I posted I think it says that someone on a factory visit asked about the one piece roof and it seems that to produce such an item would need substantial investment in a machine big enough to handle it and I don't suppose the money is there to do it to achieve what Bailey consider to be the same result,but yes I think it is the weak point of an otherwise well appointed van.I wonder what the warranty recall rate for it is ?