Thursday, 18 February 2016

Fiamma Pack Waste

SWMBO has decided as SWMBO's tend to do that she no longer likes the wastebin on the door as it isn't big enough.

I think it must be the time of life as I could digress into unnecessary residential kitchen and bathroom upgrades but I would be here long past my bedtime.

So being a dutiful husband I purchased the Fiamma Pack Waste which looked like it would fit the bill which it very nearly does ( that's not SWMBO by the way ).

Removal of the supplied bin was easy with the removal of four self tapping screws,two top and bottom.

Incidentally bin replacement or not it might be a good idea to remove the bin to clean behind it as there were bits of food and other grime lodged down the back of it and even a large rat ( joke ).

 The Pack Waste weighs in at 1Kg according to Fiamma's figures so with the removal of the original bin it will not be adding to the weight.

The fittings supplied are intended to be attached by screws,which are NOT supplied,but this would involve drilling the door which I wasn't too happy to do in case I  wanted to reinstate the old bin,oh OK the truth is that SWMBO might not like it.

I decided to use one of the original screw holes and use self adhesive heavy duty Velcro on the other side ( Velcro,proper branded Velcro that is,is very useful around the van ).

All went swimmingly until I tried to open the door when the Pack Waste caught on the frame as of course it is much longer than the original.

I eventually had to move the attachment points over towards the hinge side of the door and attached both sides with the Velcro.

Sadly the instructions with the bin aren't the best in the world as to attach the bin to the brackets there are two hooks but these hooks are blocked by two plastic pieces of which the instructions make no mention.

As I discovered these need to be removed with some pliers as originally I was using the bottom larger hooks to try to attach it,bloody Italians.

Anyway this is how it fits onto the brackets :-

and this is the end result:-

I then detached the bin as the Velcro instructions say to leave it for 24hrs for maximum adhesion.

Tried the bin again today and all seems secure.

There are some blanking pieces supplied to cover the screw holes in the brackets but I couldn't get these to fit whilst it was on the door without the danger of pulling it all off as they are quite tight,in hindsight it would be better to put these in prior to attachment.

Admittedly it is not precisely where I wanted it to be which is in the same place as the original but it can't be helped.

I put the four screws from the old bin back in the holes so they wouldn't get lost and to make it look a bit neater.

I will report on how it goes.



  1. Looks a great job Ian. We tend to ditch the waste usually as we leave the site. I do find if you leave in the bin for a few days it starts to smell.

  2. Bill,
    Yes we do empty the waste on a regular basis but some must slip down the back.I have virtually no sense of smell so I leave that to SWMBO.