Friday, 11 September 2015

Got It Back.

Retrieved the van from the dealers with the warranty work completed ( just waiting for a part for the ATC but when I connected it up to leave the dealers it worked !!).

Window blind repaired,bit of covering trim in front of toilet door on the ceiling reattached properly and the motor mover checked/sorted out,all OK.

Had the Paintseal applied and it looks like they have done a good job.

The only slight problem is that they didn't open the windows to do around the frame under the glass so it all got missed,not a big deal but annoying for the price charged.

Have e-mailed Paintseal so we will see what becomes.

When I got back to storage the clip that keeps the fridge door ajar broke,one now on order.

Note to self :- When I go to dealers do not stuff face with the delicious cakes in the cafe and purchase yet more Isabella items.



  1. Hi Ian, a couple of questions please. 1) what made you go for paintseal and not tourer shine? 2) what fridge door catch? I haven't found one!

  2. Richard,

    The Paintseal was slightly an impulse buy although I had researched it previously and most of the comments I read were favourable.When I had the van at the dealers they were advertising Paintseal so as the van was already there and "out of use" shall we say I decided to have it done rather than arrange a future date with Tourershine to come to our storage ( although they are pretty picky about who they let on so they might not have been able to do it ) with perhaps the problem of inclement weather,the van is too big to park at home.

    The door catch is the one about half way down the right hand side of the fridge itself ( not the door ) and is used to keep the door slightly open when the van is not in use to stop mould forming.I will post a picture on the main blog for clarification.