Monday, 21 September 2015

Berwick Sea View

We have just come back from four nights at Berwick Sea View CC site in Northumberland which is a very pleasant place right on the coast just south of Berwick upon Tweed.

We managed to get a pitch with a perfect sea view,which not all pitches have :-

A couple of things to bear in mind though if you decide to stop here.

One is that it is a linear site which backs on to the East Coast Main Line so there are trains going through from early morning till late at night.Strangely although you can hear them it doesn't seem to be a problem,well not to us anyway but there were one or two comments in the visitors book.

Secondly,as previously mentioned the site is linear and there are about four "dead ends" with no turning space so if you go down one and don't fancy any of the pitches you will need to reverse out with one in particular being quite a distance.

As for the Unicorn,no problems encountered apart from losing a rubber bump stop from the leading edge of the cooker,Thetford are putting a couple in the post.

We did observe that when the heating was on in the evening the locker door just to the rear of the concertina door on the off-side caught slightly on the wooden upright,it was OK during the day so we will put up with it,not a big deal.

The Alde heating was excellent,even SWMBO was hot ( no not like that ).

Now,the Paintseal.

This lived up to its hype.

The van had a bit of road dirt on when we pitched but a wipe with plain water using a  microfibre cloth followed by a final polish with a clean cloth brought it up gleaming.

As can be seen from the above picture,we have an Isabella door canopy.

Whilst watching an Isabella video of this product,the presenter said at the end that some vans wouldn't be able to secure one of the fasteners in the awning rail as the wheel would be in the way.

Isabella Door Canopy Video 

This is the case with the Unicorn so as suggested in the video I rang Isabella and an extension strap was was put in the post to arrive next day,free of charge.

As we came to hitch up to begin our journey to Berwick I discovered that one of the rubber clamps on the Milenco mirrors was missing.

SWMBO came up with the ingenious idea of replacing it with a flat pebble wrapped in a bit of egg box to stop it scratching the door mirrors.

This stop-gap worked splendidly both there and back.


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