Sunday, 26 November 2017

Durham Grange

Have finished our season off with a three night visit to the C&MC site at Durham Grange.

For late in the season the site was surprisingly full.

Had a visit to Seaham which is only twelve miles away on the coast which is a very pleasant clean and tidy little place spoilt only by a large shopping mall but that is the way of things these days I suppose.

Lord Byron had a long weekend there at one time I think as the the local council seem to have gone overboard on it,Lord Byron this and Lord Byron that.

Another bit of gluing undertaken in the van for a set of wires that had fallen down in the TV ariel cupboard otherwise all well.

Well I say all was well,I managed to rip the Isabella draught skirt in half when it caught on a peg and I kept pulling,a purchase for the Manchester caravan show I think.

All cleaned and put away until the new year.


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