Monday, 27 March 2017

York Beechwood Grange

Returned from four nights at York Beechwood Grange Caravan and Motorhome Club site

Been here many times before so I won't dwell on it apart from to say that one hundred and twenty trees have been felled around the site so it is now much more open than it was previously.

On our way there it bucketed it down with rain so the van was filthy on our arrival.When the rain stopped I simply wiped it down with a microfibre towel and it was gleaming again,Paintseal really works and makes the exterior much easier to keep clean and no I am not in the pay of Paintseal in any shape size or form.

The only problem we suffered on this our first trip of the new season was that the water pump took its bat home and refused to work.

Did the "man" thing and took it apart to fix it but to no avail.Luckily we carry a spare so this was brought into play,then it was down to Ebor Leisure next day to replace the spare ( that place ain't cheap ),otherwise things were problem free.

By the way the idea of sticking a medicine pot over the Al-Ko ATC light to keep water out didn't last,it had vanished by the time we arrived,back to the drawing board for that one I think.

We erected our new Isabella Magnum 250 Coal awning for the first time and appreciated the increase in space

The Alde heating was superb as the nights were a touch on the nippy side.

Judging by the number of new and nearly new vans and motorhomes on site,the UK caravan and motorhome  industry must be in the rudest of rude health.

I can now appreciate why the Caravan Club changed its name to the Caravan and Motorhome Club as it wasn't quite fifty:fifty with motorhomes versus caravans but it was heading that way.

They appear to be coming very popular,some big uns' as well.


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