Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Al-Ko ATC Misinformation

I have received the following from David Mantell one of my followers regarding the Al-Ko ATC instructions :-

 Hi Ian

Not sure if you had noticed, but the AL-KO ATC instruction manual is not
clear regarding removal of the push rod (under fault conditions). The
top and bottom diagrams are correct for later ATC's but the mid diagram
is of an older system.

Al-Ko phoned me back today apologised for the error and suggested I
disregarded the mid diagram, following the principle described in the

Guess this should not cause too much grief, but if you need to do this
'in anger' by the side of the road, the last thing you need is
misunderstanding of the manufacturers diagrams.

Kind regards,  David Mantell



  1. After climbing under my new Cadiz - it appears that the central picture is the same as my caravan - so it maybe that the top and bottom pictures are an older version!!!
    More confusion, but at least you are aware that there is a discrepancy!!

  2. David,
    I will give you one thing you are nothing if not persistant.

    .......and yes as you asked me I can see this message.