Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Delivery Date

Received an e-mail from YC Leisure today to say that our Cadiz 3 will roll off the Bailey production line on the 13th of April and will be available to collect about a week later.

It's a bit later than the February we were originally promised but there is nothing we can do so April it is.

Just six months from ordering to delivery,they must be selling well.



  1. Bailey know how many caravans they can build when you order. SO why they alter the dates is beyond me.I ordered mine after you and wait for the final build date.It was also given as March then last week april 6th.I wont be too pleased if it slips again.I reserve my right to whinge for a later date; and whinge I will.

  2. Bill,
    Even if they know how many vans they can build I don't suppose they know how many orders they are going to get.
    Then there are the inevitable delays from suppliers ( I did hear there was as shortage of floor covering at one stage ).
    Anyway in six months time we will have forgotten all about the delays and will just be enjoying the van.


    1. I am trying to bribe the dealer with a good single malt to get me the van early if possible.It probably wont work but its worth a try.I like caravaning in the Spring so heres hoping.The van will come when its ready. By the way I also had a 440/4 bought around the same time as you .Spooky