Tuesday, 20 January 2015

LED Lights Contd.

This is the reply I have had from Bailey regarding LED lights:-

To Ian,

Thank you for taking the time to write to us.

We are currently reviewing the use of LED road lighting on our Unicorn III range. As you may be aware, certain customers have reported experiencing concerns with their vehicle's on board light diagnostic system whilst towing their Unicorn III caravans fitted with LED lighting. This issue originates from electrical pulses emitted by vehicles' on board computer systems to conventional bulbs to check that they are working and appears to be an intermittent issue affecting certain models depending on their age and their specific manufacturer.

I trust that this has helped and thank you once again for contacting us.

Kind regards

Darryl Wandless
Customer Service Co-ordinator
Bailey of Bristol

So the LED road lights are "under review" at the moment.

Personally I can see Bailey dispensing with them as why go to the expense and trouble of providing "fixes" when ordinary bulbs will do the job without such problems but we will have to wait and see. 



  1. I agree Ian.I know LEDs are the way ahead regarding internal lights due to the low power consumption.However with the road lights it isn't; and the cost of replacing a LED light cluster far outweighs a normal bulb.The only benefit I see in keeping LEDs is they give off a brighter light, which is good in bad weather.
    I personally hope they go back to bulbs-keep it simple; and easy to repair on the roadside.

  2. Can you tell me if the 2013 Cadiz had or has above cupboard lighting over the twin beds, I know that reading lights and one main ceiling light is there but is there above cupboard lighting as well, pilgrimfdb@gmail.com